How to Consolidate Multiple Data Management Roles and Platforms for a Streamlined Experience

In many organizations, database professionals are taking on multiple roles, often combining developer and administrator tasks into one job.

This is challenging on its own, but becomes even more so when workers are tasked with multiple database platforms.

Ideally, businesses should look to invest in a single tool that can simplify database access, management, and development, while also reducing complexity and improving productivity.

DBTA recently held a webinar with Devin Gallagher, senior sales engineer, IDERA, who discussed Aqua Data Studio, a flexible tool that handles over 30 different database platforms and provides capabilities to assist both developers and DBAs with a consistent user interface.

Database administrators and developers have different levels of responsibilities and complex database environments may include a combination of platforms, Gallagher said.

DBA’s need a single tool that takes care of:

  • Query creation and execution
  • Running the same or similar queries multiple times
  • Data result set compare, edits, and imports/exports
  • Schema comparison and synchronization
  • Automated scripting
  • Searching through database objects
  • Managing database security and user access

He recommended Aqua Data Studio, which is productivity software for IT Professionals working with data and databases.

Aqua Data Studio allows users to develop and manage databases, and access, import, export, and visually analyze data.

Aqua Data Studio supports over 30 database platforms, and works on all major operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux).

The platform also supports relational, NoSQL, and cloud data sources, making data easily and quickly accessible.

Primary features include:

  • Register Servers/Databases
  • Database Navigator/Explorer
  • Query Analyzer (SQL editor)
  • Query Builder
  • Table Data Editor (Excel-like grid)
  • Visual Analytics
  • Import/Export Data and DDL
  • Schema/Data/File Compare
  • ER Modeler
  • Database Administration

An archived on-demand replay of this webinar is available here.