How to Right-Size Your Data Architecture

Video produced by Steve Nathans-Kelly

Actian SVP Emma McGrattan explained how to build a cloud-based data architecture tailored to your specific business needs rather than peak workload during her presentation at Data Summit Connect 2021.   

"What we're seeing now specifically with cloud enablement is that people expect that a data platform should start delivering value on day one, and we should be able to measure value, and see that value in the first couple of days," she said. "I think is really important. I think that tolerance for long running projects is disappearing. And, I think people like to see a more, sprint type delivery where we'll say, you know, we're enabling this capability this month, next month, we're going to add on that capability and so on."

Every step along the way, the organization should be able to see the value that's being delivered by the platform, she said, and the data architecture should support that.

"Since we're talking about cloud and elasticity, most people now are rightsizing systems, right? So when you spin up your data platform, that you've wanted to be of a size, that's going to meet your business needs today," she said. "And maybe you predict that your data growth over the next three years, it's going to be a consistent 20%. And if you get that number completely wrong, you want that environment to be able to correct some of those assumptions that you've made, right. And to be able to accommodate that greater growth than you perhaps had anticipated. And so you want to be able to grow the environment, to meet your business needs and not to have to pay for something that's going to accommodate your peak workload."