Hubble Now Integrates with SAP ERP to Deliver Real-time Financial Insights

Hubble by is expanding its solutions into SAP, extending its CPM suite capabilities beyond Oracle and JD Edwards Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions.

Hubble for SAP provides modern user experience, automation, and technology  to help enterprises reduce waste and improve business performance and growth.  

Hubble will be providing the Community Coffee Company with its full CPM suite of real-time capabilities, including reporting, analytics, planning, and data visualization.

The company is currently developing and customizing its SAP integration with solutions based on Community Coffee Company¹s needs. Development will be in a phased approach, with the first phase focused on efficiencies within the Finance & Accounting areas. 

Late last year, Hubble¹s parent company, acquired Antivia, a business intelligence software company to enhance its portfolio of services, with plans to expand into the SAP ERP markets.

“We continue to expand our capabilities as far as what SAP environments we work on,” said Jon Louvar, director of product strategy. “With this development we’re opening up the foundational platform more so we can plug in data sources easily and as our customer base grows in other areas we’ll build the ERP Smarts we’re known for.”

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