Hubspan and IBM Team to Deliver New Cloud-Based Integration Platform

Hubspan, a leading provider of business integration solutions, and IBM have announced WebSpan, a new software-as-a-service (SaaS) integration platform. WebSpan combines the Hubspan on–demand integration platform and IBM WebSphere integration software into a single platform that can help businesses reduce the cost, time and complexity associated with traditional integration and business process automation solutions.

Companies and solution providers worldwide continue to focus on the need to connect and integrate data and processes across a growing number of applications and business processes. With WebSpan, these businesses will have a new option to deploy business community networks, extend the reach of existing application and infrastructure investments, and accelerate service-oriented architecture (SOA) initiatives.

WebSpan is a single instance, multi-tenant SaaS integration platform, which enables cost-effective business integration and ease of scalability while optimizing the sharing of resources across partner communities. WebSpan is available with specific solution packages to meet the needs of a range of companies and business processes, with an initial set of offerings targeting e-procurement, demand/supply chain, e-payments, logistics and e-commerce integration.

WebSpan can help reduce the costs of operating the integration infrastructure by providing management and maintenance directly within the integration platform. Its subscription-based pricing also provides a further advantage by enabling companies to pay for the solution as an operating expense versus a capital expenditure. In today’s demanding economy, this “pay-as-you-grow” model helps organizations tackle even small integration challenges by offering an affordable starting point with the ability to expand over time. In addition, the platform easily integrates with existing technology investments, expediting solution deployment and providing a potential competitive advantage.

John Gordon, vice president of business process marketing at IBM, tells 5 Minute Briefing that “this solution now enables IBM to provide its customers with a third alternative for deploying business integration structures. IBM offers on-premise, appliance, and now (with Hubspan) cloud computing approaches to business integration. Hubspan provides the hosted environment and the standardized connectors to numerous packaged applications. Four IBM WebSphere software products provide various other integration capabilities. These are Websphere MQ for a service bus, Process Server for workflow, Application Server for run-time, and Transformation Extender for data transformation and validation.

For more information about IBM WebSphere software, go here. For more information about Hubspan, go here.