HumanFirst’s Google Cloud Alliance Empowers Advanced Unstructured Data Management and AI Performance

HumanFirst, the low-code data productivity suite, is announcing a new Google Cloud alliance aimed at enabling enterprises all over the world to enhance data insight discovery and AI application performance based on unstructured, text-based data. 

HumanFirst’s collaborative platform—designed to aid teams in data experimentation, insight discovery, and AI and prompt performance testing—sees remarkable elevation from the company’s alliance with Google Cloud. The alliance will allow HumanFirst to leverage integrations with Google Cloud Contact Center AI (CCAI), Dialogflow, BigQuery, and Vertex AI, ultimately supercharging the platform’s ability to help companies access, organize, understand, and make use of their unstructured data.

“We’re excited about this strategic partnership as an extension of our mission to harness natural language data for better business and artificial intelligence,” said Gregory Whiteside, co-founder and CEO of HumanFirst. “We believe this will accelerate how companies think about data-driven transformations across every aspect of their customer experience.”

HumanFirst’s platform is fundamentally built for scale, processing and indexing millions of natural language data points, and further making them available for real-time analysis within a collaborative interface. From this point, enterprises can intuitively search, review, and re-organize their data to generate greater understanding of pain points, AI and human agent performance, and areas for improvement.

The Google Cloud alliance, and therefore, HumanFirst’s integration with the Google ecosystem, enables companies to “gain access to a horizontal data management layer without needing knowledge of code or an expensive data science team,” according to Whiteside.

“HumanFirst is designed to be a low-code playground environment to help any company effectively discover, design, and deploy data-first solutions in a fast-evolving product landscape. With developer-friendly APIs, a full suite of easy integrations, and a ‘Bring Your Own LLM’ approach, HumanFirst is the most powerful way to convert ground truth insights into actionable business and artificial intelligence,” explained Whiteside.

“Our partnership with Google will allow us to reach more companies at a crucial point in their CX transformation. Once they’ve connected HumanFirst with their data sources, our clients find countless other use cases for this kind of data design. We’re focused on developing deeper integrations with Google to streamline workflows for both Google and HumanFirst customers in the near future,” he continued.

Armed with Google Cloud’s barrier-less data storage and collection infrastructure, HumanFirst can now surface rich, data-driven insights at scale that weren’t possible previously, according to Whiteside. The resulting benefits are accelerated, customer-aware transformation via enhanced CX, cost saving, and reliable AI performance.

Google customers using HumanFirst can request pre-release access to new features, such as prompt engineering, by contacting their Google Representative.

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