Humio Joins the IBM Edge Ecosystem to Add Real-Time Insights to Edge Computing

Humio is now part of the IBM Edge Application Manager Ecosystem, an initiative designed to help enterprises capture the opportunities of edge computing with a variety of solutions built on IBM’s technology. Humio collects machine data from edge devices, gateways, and servers to monitor the health of the entire infrastructure, detect security incidences, and reveal insights into the customer experience.

Humio provides actionable, real-time alerts and the ability to instantly search streaming or historical data, helping security response teams to quickly discover the root causes, and address problems that may otherwise prevent users from taking advantage of edge technologies.

Already a member of IBM’s Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management ecosystem, Humio provides a log management platform for streaming event data in real time to enable insights on data from edge computing for retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and any other industry.

IDC predicts that by 2023, half of the newly deployed on-premise infrastructure will be in critical edge locations rather than corporate data centers, up from less than 10% today.  As organizations increasingly deploy edge computing strategies to extend compute and move data storage closer to where the data is being created, Humio enables management for hundreds of terabytes of logs, events, and other data a day, in real time, to monitor performance, security, and business metrics, and search for threats, incidents, and errors to discover the root cause.

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