HyScale Opens Up Platform for Kubernetes

HyScale is making its app delivery automation tool open-source for development teams looking to deploy to Kubernetes.

The open-source move underlines HyScale’s commitment to the app development community that wants to adopt Kubernetes but has to follow a script-heavy, error-prone deployment process.

HyScale simplifies deploying to k8s by providing a service-centric spec, and getting the app URL in return, saving time and effort in dev-testing cycles before taking it to production.

“Developer experiences with k8s are quite complex; there is a clear need for app-centric Kubernetes abstraction and well-defined automation for clear handoff between the dev teams and IT,” said Anoop Balakuntalam, head of HyScale. “With HyScale, developers can now easily deploy their apps to k8s without having to navigate through the associated complexities or write and maintain voluminous manifests and scripts.”

Kubernetes continues to witness rapid acceptance across industry verticals for improved cost economics, scalability, and portability of deployments across multiple cloud environments.

However, in terms of actual adoption, typical app development teams face steep learning curves, extensive and complex maintenance and ambiguity in ownership, all resulting in slower time to market.

HyScale brings to life the belief that all complexity around app deployments can eventually be eliminated and automated.

HyScale is an initiative of Pramati Prism Inc., the Mountain View-based startup accelerator arm of Pramati Technologies. HyScale is also a member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).

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