IBM ‘Pivots’ Security Portfolio to the Cloud

IBM has built an “intelligent security portfolio” intended to protect data and applications in the cloud. The new offerings are designed to protect vital data and applications using advanced analytics across their enterprise, public and private clouds and mobile devices.

“Customers are now moving critical workloads to the cloud and they expect enterprise grade security to move with it,” said Brendan Hannigan, general manager of IBM Security Systems. “We have pivoted our entire security portfolio to the cloud to help customers lock down user access, control data and maintain visibility. With the right visibility into threats, enterprises can more securely connect their people, data and processes to the cloud."

IBM’s new cloud security tools use proven analytics to give companies a clear line of sight into the security status of their entire business—from private data centers, to the cloud, to employees’ mobile devices.

Designed to be used with different users, whether it be a developer or line-of-business executive, the portfolio also includes analytics and security intelligence for public cloud services such as IBM’s SoftLayer. In addition, the offering features IBM’s Managed Security Services platform, which can help secure the cloud for IBM clients as well as clients of companies like Amazon Web Services and

Customers can also take advantage of the intelligence from more than 20 billion daily security events that IBM’s Managed Security Services team monitors in more than 130 countries. With this insight, they can identify threats in real time and proactively defend their companies from sophisticated attacks on all fronts.

IBM’s new Dynamic Cloud Security portfolio extends IBM QRadar - the industry's leading security analytics platform - to the IBM SoftLayer cloud and other public cloud services, such as Amazon Web Services.

With the IBM Dynamic Cloud Security portfolio, enterprises can deploy proactive tools to automatically discover, classify and assess sensitive data stored in cloud-hosted repositories, including activity monitoring for both structured and unstructured data. Leveraging the same type of data activity monitoring tools used in the private data center, teams can now monitor activity in the cloud and create centralized auditing for data sources deployed on cloud.

IBM Intelligent Threat Protection Cloud is a managed services platform that monitors the cloud environment. Drawing upon its billions of security events, it includes advanced analytics with new correlation technologies and external data feeds.

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