IBM Adds AI-Enhanced Data Resilience for Storage Solutions

To help clients counter threats with earlier and more accurate detection, IBM is announcing new AI-enhanced versions of the IBM FlashCore Module technology available inside new IBM Storage FlashSystem products and a new version of IBM Storage Defender software.

These features will help organizations improve their ability to detect and respond to ransomware and other cyberattacks that threaten their data, according to IBM.

The newly available fourth generation of FlashCore Module (FCM) technology enables artificial intelligence capabilities within the IBM Storage FlashSystem family.

FCM works with Storage Defender to provide end-to-end data resilience across primary and secondary workloads with AI-powered sensors designed for earlier notification of cyber threats to help enterprises recover faster.

Existing IBM FlashSystem products scan all incoming data down to block level granularity without impact to performance as it’s being written, using inline data corruption detection software and cloud-based AI to help identify anomalies that might indicate the start of a cyberattack, thereby enabling the system to detect, respond, and rapidly recover with immutable copies.

The new technology enabled by FCM4 is designed to continuously monitor statistics gathered from every single I/O using machine learning models to detect anomalies like ransomware in less than a minute.

IBM FlashSystem products already measure parameters such as the compressibility and randomness, or entropy of data, and pass this information to IBM Storage Insights software so that it can alert operators when a workload anomaly has been detected, such as ransomware starting to encrypt an application’s data.

The FCM4 technology in new FlashSystem arrays is designed to capture and summarize detailed statistics about every I/O in real time. FlashSystem uses machine learning models to distinguish ransomware and malware from normal behavior, positioning organizations to take action and keep operating in the event of an attack.

IBM Storage Defender software offers end-to-end data resilience in modern hybrid multi-cloud IT environments that includes virtual machines (VMs), databases, applications, file systems, SaaS workloads, and containers.

The new version of IBM Storage Defender expands its threat detection capabilities to help build trustworthiness of copies as a baseline for teams to begin recovery from cyberattacks. Additionally, IBM Storage Defender includes AI-powered sensors developed by IBM Research that are engineered to rapidly detect ransomware and other advanced threats with high accuracy. Defender raises high fidelity alerts to security tools to reduce the security breach blast radius and help enterprises recover from attacks.

Part of Defender’s appeal is the ease with which it integrates with other IBM Storage and IBM Security solutions, including IBM QRadar, IBM Guardium, IBM FlashSystem, IBM Storage Scale, IBM Storage Ceph, and IBM Fusion. Beyond IBM solutions, Defender integrates with Cohesity and will integrate with other third-party data platforms to bring end to end data resilience across the enterprise data estate.

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