IBM Announces DB2 SQL Skin for Sybase ASE Applications

IBM has announced a new DB2 feature that allows clients to more easily move their applications written for Sybase ASE to DB2, adding to the support for Oracle Database applications introduced last year. "With this new feature, we are adding the compatibility capabilities for applications that are written for Sybase ASE to run with little and in many cases no changes to the application," Bernie Spang, director of database strategy and marketing at IBM, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

According to IBM, current economic conditions are driving companies to consolidate and standardize their IT environments with lower cost, energy-efficient, more scalable infrastructure.  Companies in all industries can have up to thousands of applications and dozens of database management systems that need to interact with one another, that are either purchased or received through an acquisition.  These systems create redundant hardware, software, administration -- increasing IT costs.

For clients moving applications from Sybase ASE, says IBM, this new SQL Skin feature enables them to reduce their operational costs so they can invest more on growing their business through strategic initiatives such as analytics.   The integrated capability was jointly developed with ANTs software inc., a provider of database migration solutions. Development began more than 2 years ago and early adopter clients have participated in a beta program since late 2009.

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