IBM Announces New Servers and Tools for Hybrid Clouds

IBM today announced a combined package of new servers and storage software and solutions in a move to accelerate the development of hybrid cloud computing. The company also revealed flexible software licensing of its middleware to help clients speed up their adoption of hybrid cloud environments.

The combination of IBM Power Systems servers, IBM Spectrum Storage, z Systems, IBM Middleware, IBM SoftLayer, and OpenStack software can help companies navigate between cloud and on-premises environments and gain valuable insights on key business data wherever it is generated.

"IBM hybrid cloud solutions are built for the enterprise and clients are using them to enable new business models to drive growth," said Don Boulia, vice president of cloud services of IBM Systems. "Hybrid cloud computing requires new levels of openness, dynamic data management, integration, automation and scalable performance in server, storage and software technologies. IBM brings all of these technologies together from on-premises   data centers and inside public and private clouds to more efficiently manage traditional computing with new mobile, big data, and social computing workloads."

Among the new announcements is Rocket Data Access Service on Bluemix for z Systems, intended to provide companies a connection to data on the IBM z Systems mainframe for development of mobile applications through Bluemix. Starting in June, clients can access a free trial of the service, which works with a range of database storage systems, including VSAM, ADABASE, IMS, CICS, and DB2, and enables access through common mobile application interfaces, including MongoDB, JDBC, and the REST protocol.

Additional new IBM systems include IBM Power System E850, a four-socket system with flexible capacity and up to 70% guaranteed utilization. The E850 is targeted at cloud service providers or medium and large enterprises looking to securely and efficiently deploy multi-tenancy workloads, while speeding access to data with larger in-memory databases with up to 4TB of installed memory, optimized for the peaks and valleys of business needs.

In addition, the IBM Power System E880, designed to scale to 192 cores, is suitable for IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration, enhancing the efficiency of cloud deployments; and the PurePOWER System, a converged infrastructure for cloud, is intended to help deliver insights in the cloud, and is managed with OpenStack.

The company also will be shipping IBM Spectrum Control Storage Insights, a new software-defined storage solution provides data management as a hybrid cloud service to optimize on-premises storage infrastructures. Storage Insights is designed to simplify storage management by improving storage visibility and applies analytics to ease capacity planning, enhance performance monitoring, and improve storage utilization by reclaiming under-utilized storage. In addition, the IBM XIV GEN 3 is a new system designed for cloud with real-time compression that enables scaling as demand for data storage capacity expands, the vendor adds.

IBM will be offering a self-service portal where clients can scale their infrastructure and software license footprint in minutes using the PureApplication Service later this quarter.

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