IBM Announces Tailored Fit Pricing for IBM Z—Hardware Consumption Solution

IBM has the Tailored Fit Pricing for IBM Z—Hardware Consumption Solution, which it describes as a more standardized and transparent cloud-like hardware pricing model with combined base capacity and consumption priced capacity.

The announcement was made in an IBM blog post by Tina Tarquinio, director, IBM Z Platform Product Management, IBM Systems.

According to Tarquinio, “As customers continue on their journey to hybrid cloud and adopt new types of workloads like confidential computing, digital asset custody, and Red Hat OpenShift, IT teams need to react quickly to sudden changes in demand with even more control and flexibility in order to scale IT as needed.”

With this new solution, customers can gain:

  • The ability to leverage the value of an always-on, consumption-priced capacity corridor, and IBM Z’s additional headroom capacity corridor means not paying for what they don’t use in this corridor.
  • Improved readiness to fulfill unpredicted business requirements at the instant they emerge
  • More flexibility to run planned and unplanned workloads when they need to
  • More time to get back to business by minimizing time spent on micromanaging infrastructure to reduce costs of operation

Tarquinio cited a recent ParkMyCloud study that found that wasted cloud spend is projected to hit $21,000,000,000 by 2021. She added that, according to the IBM Institute for Business Value, a hybrid multi-cloud platform technology and operating model at scale drives 2.5 times the value than a single cloud vendor approach.

“With Tailored Fit Pricing for IBM Z now available across both hardware and software, we’re giving customers the opportunity to take advantage of new, flexible, cross-stack pricing solutions that can be tailored for your business needs, helping IT leaders to balance costs, while deriving even more value from hybrid cloud,” Tarquinio said.

In addition to IBM’s solution, several ecosystem partners also announced support for IBM Z Tailored Fit Pricing for Hardware Consumption Solution, including BMCBroadcom and Precisely.

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