IBM Announces Xeon-Based Cloud

IBM intends to be the first major cloud provider to launch bare-metal servers powered by next-generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors. New IBM Cloud bare metal servers powered by the Intel Xeon Silver 4110 processor and Intel Xeon Gold 5120 and 6140 processors will be designed to help deliver greater performance and generate faster insights from big data workloads, and will be offered through the IBM Cloud.

The new bare metal deployment options will also provide a dedicated, secure environment customizable for clients’ big data workloads.

IBM delivers technology to the cloud including POWER-based offerings for data-intensive workloads, and GPUs for cognitive and high performance computing. For enterprises leveraging private or hybrid cloud environments, IBM utilizes multiple platforms including IBM Power Systems and Z Systems.

IBM Cloud bare metal servers powered by Intel Xeon Scalable processors will be available in IBM Cloud data centers in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Australia in Q3 2017.

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