IBM Announces new Version of Tivoli Identity Manager

IBM has announced a new version of Tivoli Identity Manager security software that tackles the fragmented state of the identity and access governance market with a single solution that helps organizations administer, secure, monitor and certify user identities and their access to applications, information and systems. Critical business information no longer resides solely in the data center. Organizations must be able to control who has access to what information across entire IT and data center environments including systems, devices, data and applications, while also reporting compliance with industry and government regulations.

The new version of IBM Tivoli Identity Manager has operational role management capabilities that help organizations manage user access as part of their business and risk management strategies. The role management capability, combined with entitlement management, identity management, separation of duties and access certification gives organizations clear visibility and control over data and the people who have access to it. Joe Anthony, program director, security and compliance management, IBM Tivoli Software, tells 5 Minute Briefing that "the new software helps prevent business process conflicts and remediate existing problems by incorporating user provisioning into operational role management. Before an administrator gives a new user a new entitlement, they can check to ensure that this permission will not result in a conflict of interest. The administrator can also investigate previous entitlements already given to ensure that no conflicts of interest have arisen and can remediate any problems if they have."

The software provides a set of controls to manage conflict within and across an organization's security processes, while also helping reduce the cost of administering access. Customers in every industry can benefit from IBM's security solutions, particularly health care and financial services, where patient and customer data is protected and heavily regulated.

IBM's policy-based approach in identity and access management governance to manage people, applications and data ensures that access is governed and enforced in a closed loop manner. Tivoli Identity Manager delivers important functionality for identity and access management governance, including automated features and reporting to help organizations be prepared for auditing.

For more information about IBM Tivoli Identity Manager, go here.