IBM Breaks Record for Most U.S. Patents

For the 22nd consecutive year, IBM topped the annual list of U.S. patent recipients. The company just announced that it received a record 7,534 patents in 2014, and that on average, IBM inventors earned more than 20 patents a day. After IBM, the next top patent earner in 2014 was Samsung with 4,952. During IBM’s 22 years at the top of the patent list, IBM inventors have received more than 81,500 U.S. patents.

“IBM's continued investment in research and development is key to driving the transformation of our company, as we look to capture the emerging opportunities represented by cloud, big data and analytics, security, social and mobile," said Ginni Rometty, IBM's chairman, president and CEO, in a statement released by the company. "IBM's patent leadership over more than two decades demonstrates our enduring commitment to the kind of fundamental R&D that can solve the most daunting challenges facing our clients and the world.”

The company’s 2014 patent output included more than 3,000 patents – 40% of its annual total – for a range of cloud computing, analytics, mobile, social and security inventions. Over the past 5 years, IBM has more than doubled its output of patents within these  keyareas and was the top recipient of cloud, analytics, mobile, social and security patents during the time period.

IBM inventors also received more than 500 patents for inventions in the area of cognitive systems, including new Watson related cognitive technologies.

IBM's 2014 patent output features inventions that will enable cloud computing, analytics, mobile, social and security advancements. These include U.S. Patent #8,661,132, enabling service virtualization in a cloud; U.S. Patent #8,874,638, for interactive analytics processing; and U.S. Patent #8,869,274, identifying whether an application is malicious 

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