IBM Closes on Turbonomic Acquisition to Deliver Comprehensive AIOps Capabilities for Hybrid Cloud

IBM has closed on its acquisition of Turbonomic, Inc., an application resource management and network performance management software provider based in Boston.

IBM said the acquisition complements its recent acquisition of Instana for application performance monitoring and observability, and the launch of IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps to automate IT Operations using AI. IBM provides customers with AI-powered automation capabilities that span from AIOps (the use of AI to automate IT Operations) to application-centric performance and IT resources observability—all built on Red Hat OpenShift to run across any hybrid cloud environment.

"We believe that the move to AI-powered automation is essential to helping businesses succeed in a digital-first world," said Dinesh Nirmal, general manager, IBM Automation. "IBM is already helping thousands of customers use automation to make IT and business processes more efficient and employees more effective. Now that Turbonomic is a part of our portfolio, IBM is the only company providing a one-stop shop of AI-powered automation capabilities, all built on Red Hat OpenShift to run anywhere."

The close of the acquisition builds on IBM's growing investment in its ecosystem of business partners, such as Cisco, to help customers accelerate their journey to hybrid cloud and AI. Turbonomic has built and will continue to grow an OEM relationship with Cisco through Cisco Intersight. Turbonomic capabilities add value to the Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer, providing users with a top-down, application-driven approach to ensure applications continually get the resources they need to perform.

In addition, Turbonomic ARM will continue to expand its support for infrastructure and services for all the major public clouds, including IBM Cloud, and provide recommendations and automation for a wider set of enterprise applications, software and PaaS services. This is designed to help businesses predictively automate resourcing actions to optimize cost savings, reduce their carbon footprint, handle demand spikes with no degradation of end user response time and help deliver quicker resolution of incidents. This can also be used to help businesses place workloads appropriately so that they can achieve their regulatory and compliance requirements and maintain data and application governance across the full stack of IT resources.

According to IBM, with demand for 5G adoption rising, enterprises are also looking to move workloads to the edge. This is driving networking to be an integral component of the application deployment strategy.  With this acquisition, IBM says it will leverage Turbonomic's and network performance management products and strong presence in the telecommunications industry to complement its own offerings and expertise in this area, helping customers intelligently optimize applications running in 5G environments. 

Part of what IBM describes as its mission to provide a one-stop shop of AI-powered automation capabilities for business and IT all built on Red Hat OpenShift, the Turbonomic purchase follows other moves such as the acquisition of myInvenio, Instana and WDG Automation; the formation of ecosystem partnerships; and organic R&D including the launch of Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps and IBM Watson Orchestrate.

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