IBM Consulting Creates Center of Excellence for Generative AI

IBM Consulting is establishing a Center of Excellence for generative AI to stand alongside IBM Consulting’s existing global AI and Automation practice, which includes 21,000 data and AI consultants who have conducted over 40,000 enterprise client engagements.

The Center of Excellence (CoE) already has more than 1,000 consultants with specialized generative AI expertise that are engaging with a global set of clients to drive productivity in IT operations and core business processes like HR or marketing, elevate their customer experiences and create new business models.

The CoE is ready to help accelerate clients’ business transformations with enterprise-grade AI, including the newly announced IBM watsonx, as well as technology from our ecosystem of business partners.

In 2023 alone, IBM Consulting has interacted with more than 100 clients and completed dozens of engagements infusing generative AI alongside classical machine learning AI strategies.

Examples include delivering AI-generated spoken sports commentary to millions of fans at The Masters, combining generative AI with IBM Watson to verify the discovery of new applications of Mitsui Chemicals products and applying generative AI in the customer relationship process at Bouygues Telecom.

The CoE will use the full generative AI technology stack, including foundation models and 50+ domain-specific classical machine learning accelerators aimed at helping clients improve productivity and foster innovation.

We will also use IBM’s proprietary AI “advisor” toolkit in IBM Consulting to improve our internal operations and client delivery. In addition, the CoE will develop new solutions and assets with clients and partners, leveraging the pipeline of generative AI innovations from IBM Research.

With IBM Garage for Generative AI, IBM consultants apply a proven, collaborative method to help clients fast-track innovation in the emerging category of foundation models for generative AI.

That includes rapid use case ideation and prioritization, an open, multi-model approach to selecting architectures and training and fine tuning and scaling models to unique business needs.

IBM watsonx3, the next generation platform for AI and data, is designed to enable enterprises to scale and accelerate the impact of the most advanced AI with trusted data.

In the same way that IBM established its successful Hybrid Cloud services business built on the Red Hat OpenShift platform, IBM Consulting intends to be the leading consulting services provider for watsonx.

IBM Consulting plans to build a watsonx-focused practice to serve clients with deep expertise in the full generative AI technology stack like foundation models, AIOps, DataOps and AI governance mechanisms, while we also scale our consulting business with partners.

IBM Consulting takes an open and collaborative approach to plan, build, implement and operate generative AI solutions that embrace multiple models on multiple clouds from industry leaders.

IBM Consulting has unique skills in IBM technology but also works closely with a diverse AI partner ecosystem, including Adobe, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft, Salesforce, SAP, open source technologies, and more, to help ensure clients benefit from the technology solution that best meets their needs.

The new CoE builds on IBM Consulting’s decades of industry and domain experience helping some of the largest organizations in the world transform their mission-critical processes. Our consultants have developed deep skills in applying an ethically responsible approach to AI and working alongside AI to deliver business value.

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