IBM Creates a Geospatial Platform that will Unveil New Insights

IBM is unveiling an experimental offering named IBM PAIRS Geoscope, a cloud-centric geospatial information and analytics service that can accelerate the discovery of new insights.

The service is built on a highly-scalable, cloud-based repository especially crafted for the complexities of geospatial-temporal information. 

This repository, currently growing by terabytes per day, can automatically ingest, curate, and seamlessly integrate all forms of geospatial-temporal data.  Large, heterogeneous, and complex datasets are tamed into a tidy aligned and indexed structure designed for efficient retrieval and query. 

With PAIRS Geoscope, a vast and valuable source of previously underutilized data is available to clients as a service that can be engaged at different levels.

As an information service, PAIRS Geoscope can quickly provide a variety of contextual information about a particular place and time. 

As a discovery service, it can identify a set of regions that share a similar set of client-defined characteristics.

As an advanced analytics service, it can leverage machine learning/artificial intelligence techniques to make predictions based on a complex mix of parameters, models, and historical data.

Two different types of users will benefit the most from this, according to Hendrik Hamann, researcher at IBM. This includes data scientists and developers.

“Geoscope will massively help data scientists with data curation,” Hamann said.

Future plans for the platform includes beefing up scalability, response times, curated data sets, and extending capabilities so users can upload their own data, according to Hamann.

“We’re very excited about this,” Hamann said. “It’s an enormous interesting platform and I’m excited because what I’ve seen, with the explosion of data from our physical world, I’m excited to contribute to a better platform to exploit that data. The more we know about our systems we can optimize and improve quite a bit.”

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