IBM Debuts Latest LinuxONE Release for Enterprise Sustainability Efforts

IBM, the leading global hybrid cloud and AI, and business services provider, is debuting its latest innovation towards marrying business operations and sustainability: the IBMLinuxONE Emperor 4 server. As a scalable Linux and Kubernetes-based platform, this enhancement to IBM’s LinuxONE server aims to reduce energy consumption for clients as the world becomes increasingly eco-aware in a plethora of industries simultaneously looking to scale. 

According to the vendor, several studies point to a crossroads for enterprises who must accommodate for scale while also prioritizing sustainability. An IBM IBV study suggests that while 48% of CEOs desire strong sustainability efforts to be integrated with their business plans, 51% also remark that it poses a great challenge to low data visibility, time consumption, unclear ROI, and technology issues associated with sustainability efforts.

“Data centers are energy intensive, and they can account for a large portion of an organization’s energy use. But data and technology can help companies turn sustainability ambition into action,” said Marcel Mitran, IBM fellow and CTO of cloud platform for IBM LinuxONE. “Reducing data center energy consumption is a tangible way to decrease carbon footprint. In that context, migrating to IBM LinuxONE is designed to help clients meet their scale and security goals, in addition to meeting sustainability goals for today’s digital business.”

IBM posits its IBM LinuxONE Emperor 4 as a technical solution to integrate sustainability within enterprise infrastructures with remarkable ease and efficiency. The solution reduces energy consumption by 75%, space by 50%, and CO2e footprint by over 850 metric tons annually, according to the vendor. By turning on unused cores, customers will be able to run high density and capacity workloads without a significant increase to energy consumption linked to greenhouse gas emissions. These functions are as efficient as they are trackable; with IBM Instana Observability on LinuxONE, energy consumption can be monitored by customers for increased insights towards sustainability data.

Outside of IBM LinuxONE Emperor 4’s obvious improvements towards enterprise sustainability, the solution is built for workloads seeking to scale-up and scale-out, both dynamically and non-disruptively, according to the vendor. IBM ensures that this latest release maintains the tenets and values of the enterprise, such as that of security, scalability, and reliability, to best deliver architectures that adapt to clients’ needs. Pervasive encryption within the solution delivers IBM’s promise of security; data at-rest and in-flight is protected through end-to-end encryption, enabling enhanced cyber security strategies.

“For CIOs, change is happening at an unprecedented rate and requires organizations to invest in infrastructure that is stable, high value and energy-efficient,” said Bjorn Stengal, IDC global sustainability research and practice lead. “IBM LinuxONE provides organizations with a secured, scalable architecture to meet their government regulations and customer expectations.”

IBM LinuxONE Emperor 4 further accommodates businesses working with hybrid on-premises and cloud workloads, embracing the multifaceted nature of modern enterprise architecture. IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Virtual Servers allows for enhanced authority over a client’s encrypted data, providing a public cloud environment that maintains absolute control over Linux-based virtual servers with sensitive data workloads. The client is given the authority; according to the vendor, not even IBM has access to a client’s encrypted data, workloads, or encryption keys. The solution supports numerous Linux and Red Hat OpenShift-certified workloads, ranging from data serving to digital assets. It also sees support from IBM Ecosystem partners such as Illmuio, Metaco, MongoDB, NGINX, Fiorano, and Fujitsu Limited, according to the vendor.

Due to the incorporation of cloud native development on LinuxONE, developer teams have increased productivity means without wasting time on learning and adapting to a new operating system. Instead of having to manage a mass amount of complex servers, teams can focus their resources on developing new services.

IBM LinuxONE Emperor 4 will be globally generally available on September 14, 2022, with entry and mid-range systems to follow accordingly in 1H 2023, according to the vendor.

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