IBM Deepens Partner Ecosystem with New Service Track in Partner Plus

Coming off of remarkable momentum in AI and hybrid cloud technologies in 2023, IBM aims to expand its partner initiatives to help organizations meet ramping demands for modernization and automation. Citing the success of IBM’s marriage of its robust partner program and cutting-edge technology, the company’s introduction of the Service track in Partner Plus seeks to create even more proprietary opportunities for IBM partners and their businesses.

Despite the growth of both data and its complexity, businesses are still expected to be on top of their game when it comes to forwarding powerful, modern experiences, according to the company.

As Kate Woolley, general manager, IBM Ecosystem, stated, “I can’t recall another time in technology when partnership was more crucial than it is today. The increasing demand from clients to modernize and automate their business has reached staggering heights, and partners have become the tip of the spear in fulfilling this client need to accelerate AI and cloud adoption.”

Dubbing 2024 as “the year of the partner,” IBM is launching the new Service track as a means to meet partners in whatever form they work with IBM and clients—whether that's Consultancies, Advisory Firms, Systems Integrators, or Managed Service Providers.

The Service track is optimized to empower partner success while acknowledging the significant role they play in advancing the adoption of IBM technology. Divided into three tiers, the Service track offers the following advantages:

  • Greater and deeper synergy with IBM to drive partner success at the level of the market and the end-client
  • Tools and resources for the co-creation of service offerings and forwarding IBM Technology advocacy
  • Shared KPIs that prompt greater collaboration and alignment between IBM sellers and Service Partners
  • Program and badge offerings for service partners to adopt and expand technical skills

“The economics are clear; every dollar of hybrid cloud platform revenue has a multiplier effect of 6-8 dollars in services revenue, and today we are helping the IBM Ecosystem capture that potential by taking another step forward in our partner-first evolution,” said Woolley. “Now, regardless of business model, partners are empowered to tap into the new Service track to expand their paths to growth with IBM, in addition to reselling and building on IBM technology.”

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