IBM Expands Cloud Offerings for Software Development and Testing

IBM expanded its Smart Business Development & Test on the IBM Cloud offering with support for Windows and new enhancements to better serve teams of developers. IBM says it is also introducing an integrated development and test environment and new software and services to enable developers to improve quality and speed across the application lifecycle.

The IBM Smart Business Development & Test on the IBM Cloud, announced earlier this year, enables enterprise clients to expand and enhance internal development and test processes with access to resources through IBM's cloud delivery model. The multi-tenant open cloud now includes support for Microsoft Windows 2003 and 2008 Data Center Editions.

The enhanced environment includes additional performance and resiliency and features, enabling developers to rapidly configure environments and easily share them across development teams for more consistent application deployment, and assign multiple internet protocol (IP) addresses to a single virtual instance so they can implement security zones and enhance availability in the IBM Cloud.

The new integrated development and test environment is an end-to-end solution approach that integrates tools, processes and cloud infrastructure to enable clients to conduct more robust and complex testing earlier in the application development life cycle, while also reducing the cost of identifying and fixing software defects.

The offering includes IBM Testing Services for Cloud - application virtualization, in which clients rapidly create multiple virtual test environments customized for each development and testing team. Another component, IBM Testing Services for Cloud - performance testing, brings together automation and performance testing tools designed to reduce testing time.

IBM also announced a technical preview of IBM Rational Load Testing on the IBM Cloud, intended to help users of IBM Rational Performance Tester to automatically provision virtual test agents and generate virtual users on IBM Smart Business Development and Test on the IBM Cloud on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Taking advantage of existing IBM Rational and IBM Tivoli software tools, a new solution, IBM Deployment Planning and Automation, manages the automation and planning of software deployments into the cloud and other environments. Designed for organizations that need to deploy applications in a consistent manner, the suite of software supports the entire deployment lifecycle from environment discovery through deployment planning, to deployment automation and governance.

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