IBM Expands Strategic Partnership with Samsung

IBM has formed an agreement with Samsung to manufacture 7-nanometer (nm) microprocessors for IBM Power Systems, IBM Z, and LinuxONE, high-performance computing (HPC) systems, and cloud offerings.

Samsung is a member of the OpenPOWER Foundation, a vendor ecosystem facilitating the development of IBM Power architecture-based customized servers, networking and storage for future data centers and cloud computing, as well as a member of the Q Network to help advance the understanding of applications software in quantum computing for the industry.

The agreement combines Samsung's semiconductor manufacturing with IBM's CPU designs to drive systems performance, including acceleration, memory and I/O bandwidth, encryption and compression speed, as well as system scaling to enable high-performance computing specifically designed for AI.

The agreement also expands and extends the 15-year strategic process technology R&D partnership between the two companies which, as part of IBM's Research Alliance, includes industry firsts such as the first NanoSheet Device innovation for sub 5nm, the production of the industry's first 7nm test chip and the first High-K Metal Gate foundry manufacturing. IBM's Research Alliance ecosystem continues to define the leadership roadmap for the semiconductor industry.
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