IBM Files Lawsuit to Protect IP

IBM announced it has filed suit against LzLabs, and alleges that the Switzerland-based company has violated IBM's intellectual property rights by infringing upon company patents protecting various aspects of IBM's high-performance mainframe systems.

According to IBM, in the legal action filed in U.S. District Court in Waco, Texas, it is asserting that LzLabs "has also deliberately misappropriated IBM trade secrets by reverse engineering, reverse compiling and translating IBM software." IBM also alleges that LzLabs "has made false and misleading claims about LzLabs' products."

IBM said it is seeking relief that includes an injunction against LzLabs to prevent further use of IBM's intellectual property and trade secrets.

According to IBM, LzLabs is owned and run by some of the same people who previously owned and ran Neon Enterprise Software, LLC of Austin, Texas, and that prior litigation between IBM and Neon ended with a U.S. District Court permanently barring Neon and certain of its key employees from, among other things, reverse engineering, reverse compiling and translating certain IBM software, and also from continuing to distribute certain Neon software products.

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