IBM Heightens Data Privacy Capabilities for IBM Z Portfolio

Back in September 2019, IBM announced the new IBM z15, delivering data privacy capabilities with the ability to manage the privacy of customer data across hybrid multi-cloud environments and to scale from one to four frames.

Following up, IBM has expanded its focus on security for its Z mainframe portfolio with the announcement of the new z15 Model T02, IBM LinuxONE III Model LT2, and IBM Secure Execution for Linux.

The z15 was aimed at delivering the ability to manage the privacy of customer data across hybrid multi-cloud environments, so clients can manage access to data via policy-based controls and revoke access to data across the hybrid cloud. For IBM's clients moving to the cloud, IBM z15 and IBM LinuxONE III was a major step toward encrypting everywhere, cloud native development, and IBM Z Instant Recovery.

The new offerings were announced in a blog post by Ross Mauri, general manager for IBM Z.

To help address expanding needs for flexibility, responsiveness, and ways to cut costs to fuel their digital transformations IBM has announced two new single-frame, air-cooled platforms—IBM z15 Model T02 and IBM LinuxONE III Model LT2—designed to build on the capabilities of z15. In addition, IBM Secure Execution for Linux is a new offering designed to help protect from internal and external threats across the hybrid cloud. The platforms and offering will become generally available on May 15, 2020.

For clients with highly sensitive workloads such as cryptocurrency and blockchain services, keeping data secure is even more critical.

"IBM Secure Execution for Linux" establishes secured enclaves that can scale to host sensitive workloads and provide both enterprise-grade confidentiality and protection for sensitive and regulated data.

In addition to the growing risk of insider threats, IBM says its clients are also facing complexity around new compliance regulations such as GDPR and the CCPA, resulting in workload isolation and separation of control becoming even more important to ensure the integrity of each application and its data across platforms. IBM Secure Execution for Linux provides an alternative to air-gapped or separated dedicated hardware typically required for sensitive workloads.

In addition, IBM also announced complementary IBM Storage offerings for IBM Z. The IBM DS8900F all-flash array and IBM TS7700 virtual tape library both now offer smaller footprint options.