IBM Introduces FlashSystem Data Resiliency Backed by Cyber Recovery Guarantee

Building on its mission to protect customer data from threats, IBM is launching a guarantee to recover immutable snapshot data in 60 seconds or less, enabling businesses to persist through a ransomware attack protected by the IBM FlashSystem with Safeguarded Copy immutable snapshot.

The Safeguarded Copy feature in IBM FlashSystem enables clients to make scheduled immutable snapshots, while preserving changes to data up to the time of the snapshot.

In the event of a ransomware or a cyber-attack where data is affected, clients can restore the previous snapshot for the volume and make available to the operating systems or applications in 60 seconds or less. This allows the client to continue business operations with minimal disruption while preserving the critical evidence for incident forensics.

IBM Expert Care, together with IBM Storage Insights, help ensure client's restoration process goes smoothly. If Safeguarded Copy takes longer than 60 seconds or is unrecoverable, IBM Expert Lab will be there to help the client get back on their feet.

This IBM FlashSystem Cyber Recovery Guarantee is a continued expansion of IBM’s cyber-attack detection, prevention, and recovery initiatives. This guarantee builds on top of IBM FlashSystem’s secure by design architecture.  The lifecycle of data is also protected with the encryption of data at rest at the drive level using a quantum resistant algorithm, according to the company.

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