IBM Kickstarts Blockchain Adoption for Enterprises

IBM has created a program to help enterprises take blockchain networks into production faster. The IBM Blockchain Founder Accelerator provides expertise and support across the technology, legal and business considerations of establishing new blockchain networks. Enterprises can join to gain exclusive access to technology and consulting expertise.

“Blockchain is a team sport. With the right network of participants collaborating on the blockchain, the benefits can be exponential,” said Marie Wieck, general manager of blockchain technology for IBM. “We understand the challenges organizations face and the resources needed to get blockchain networks right the first time.”

The accelerator is designed to address the key challenges many early adopters and enterprise developers have identified through the development of leading blockchain networks. The program provides one-on-one mentorship and support by network founders and technologists across a range of needs such as business case development, network membership incentives, technical development, governance and legal issues.

In addition, members will receive early access to new prebuilt software assets, delivered via IBM Cloud, to help reduce the time and technical expertise needed for developers to write complex blockchain code. Among software solutions being integrated into the program is a process engine that provides all workflow orchestration on the blockchain network. It provides document maintenance and authorization features, and answers communication requests among network members to support each transaction’s integrity.

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