IBM Launches Cloud-Based Cognitive Computing

IBM has announced the first IBM Watson-based services platform, fully built on the IBM Cloud, designed to augment human intelligence to help improve service provider operations.

The IBM Services Platform with Watson’s cognitive capability can both predict problems and proactively direct automation to improve quality, as well as provide IT staffs with critical information to help them make faster, data-driven decisions. With the platform, automation tools can do more than execute simple instructions, they can now run diagnostics and execute actions to address the root causes of issues and unstructured e-mails and chats can be read in natural language and resulting insights used to resolve problems without manual intervention. Technical requirements can be understood quickly, gaps in current operations identified and tailored solutions designed and implemented.

"In a world where always on is the new norm for businesses of all kind, clients expect from their services partners the ability to deliver operational excellence at any time, at any place for any system,"  said Martin Jetter, senior vice president of global technology services for IBM.

With knowledgebases able to be mined, the best answers are available for technical experts to use to enable them to find faster issue resolution. 

The platform supports the entire managed services life-cycle, from designing to building, integrating and running services, with autonomic operations and augmented subject matter expertise.

The platform leverages IBM’s Data Lake, built on systems operational data curated from IBM’s over 30 years of services experience in data-intensive industries such as banking, airlines and retail. It serves as the data foundry for the platform.

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