IBM Launches Three Core Offerings to Streamline Data Management, Governance, and Science Pipelines

IBM is introducing three new offerings that aim to streamline the data management, data governance, and data science processes.

As data continues to increase in value and complexity, IBM’s latest platform approach will make it easier for organizations to begin leveraging the most effective data science and governance solutions in the most strategic and effective ways possible, according to the vendor.

The three offerings do the following:

  • Hybrid Data Management Platform collects, ingests and manages all data no matter the use case, data format, and deployment choice. This platform makes all data accessible to developers.
  • Unified Governance & Integration Platform helps clients organize, discover and transform data, dramatically improving its quality and controlling it for regulatory compliance, privacy considerations, and risk mitigation.
  • Data Science & Business Analytics Platform is a complete offering that enables clients to explain the past and predict the future, automate mundane tasks, and select the best among a large number of possible scenarios and options. IBM’s unique approach brings analytics to where the data lives.

 “With this announcement what we did was deliver three key building blocks: everything you need to collect data, everything you need to organize data, and everything you need to analyze data,” said Daniel Hernandez, vice president, IBM Analytics.

Customers can also mix and match each platform together without having to get IBM manually involved, according to Hernandez.

IBM has also streamlined the pricing process as well. The portfolio will be available in "FlexPoints," which users can purchase and apply to any offering within the specific platform.

Moving to the FlexPoint program will not only ease procurement and budgeting processes, but also help companies combine and benefit from the wide variety of IBM offerings, according to IBM.

 Platform Details include:

  • Hybrid Data Management Platform: Included - Db2, Db2 Warehouse, Db2 Event Store, Db2 BigSQL.
  • Unified Governance & Integration Platform: Included - Information Server, BigIntegrate, BigQuality, BigMatch, Information Governance Catalog, Master Data Management, Data Replication, Test Data Fabrication, Info Lifecycle Governance, and Industry Models.
  • Data Science & Business Analytics Platform: Included - DSX Local, SPSS Modeler, Decision Optimization, Cognos Analytics, Planning Analytics, Watson Explorer (v12 onwards).

Developers will benefit the most from the hybrid data management platform, ETL developers and data engineers will benefit the most from the unified governance platform, and analysts and data scientists will gain the most from the data science platform, Hernandez explained.

IBM will extend these product lines with additional capabilities throughout the year, according to Hernandez.

“It’s giving everything you need to do AI,” Hernandez said.

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