IBM Offers New QRadar Security Suite for Threat Detection and Response

IBM is unveiling its new security suite designed to unify and accelerate the security analyst experience across the full incident lifecycle.

According to the company, the IBM Security QRadar Suite represents a major evolution and expansion of the QRadar brand, spanning all core threat detection, investigation, and response technologies, with significant investment in innovations across the portfolio.

The new IBM Security QRadar Suite includes EDR/XDR, SIEM, SOAR, and a new cloud-native log management capability—all built around a common user interface, shared insights, and connected workflows.

Delivered as a service, the IBM Security QRadar Suite is built on an open foundation and designed specifically for the demands of hybrid cloud. It features a single, modernized user interface across all products—embedded with advanced AI and automation designed to empower analysts to work with greater speed, efficiency and precision across their core toolsets.

"In the face of a growing attack surface and shrinking attack timelines, speed and efficiency are fundamental to the success of resource-constrained security teams," said Mary O'Brien, general manager, IBM Security. "IBM has engineered the new QRadar Suite around a singular, modernized user experience, embedded with sophisticated AI and automation to maximize security analysts' productivity and accelerate their response across each step of the attack chain."

The QRadar Suite is the culmination of years of IBM investment, acquisitions and innovations in threat detection and response. It features dozens of mature AI and automation capabilities that have been refined over time with real-world users and data, including IBM Managed Security Service engagements with more than 400 clients. It also includes innovations developed in collaboration with IBM Research and the open source security community.

Bringing these capabilities together via the unified analyst experience, the QRadar Suite automatically contextualizes and prioritizes alerts, displays data in visual format for rapid consumption, and provides shared insights and automated workflows between products. This approach can drastically reduce the number of steps and screens required to investigate and respond to threats, according to the company.

By helping analysts respond faster and more efficiently, QRadar technologies can also help security teams improve their productivity and free up analysts' time for higher value work.

The QRadar Suite leverages open technologies and standards across the portfolio, alongside hundreds of pre-built integrations with IBM Security ecosystem partners. This model enables deeper shared insights and automated actions across third party clouds, point products, and data lakes, which can reduce deployment and integration times from months to days or weeks, according to the company.

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