IBM Offers Software and Services to Make Sense of 'Big Data'

To help organizations benefit from the data explosion, IBM has unveiled a new portfolio of services and solutions open source technology designed for analysis of large volumes of data. IBM InfoSphere BigInsights is powered by Apache Hadoop, and is designed to help organizations analyze and visualize petabyte-sized quantities of data.

"Two years ago, we started talking about InfoSphere Streams - the ability to analyze information as it is flowing through information streams in your systems without even being persisted," Bernie Spang, director of database strategy and marketing at IBM, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "Before that, certainly, we have been talking about analyzing information in a data warehouse among your structured information." The introduction of Big Insights now adds a third domain of information and a technique for analyzing information to give users an even broader set of capabilities to analyze more information in order to "find those golden needles of information among an even bigger haystack," Spang notes.

Consisting of specific analytics solutions that can be used by business professionals and easily be deployed by IT professionals in data center and cloud configurations, the portfolio includes: a package of Apache Hadoop software and services, code named BigInsights Core, designed to help IT professionals quickly get started with "big data" analytics, including design, installation, integration and monitoring; a software technology preview called BigSheets designed to help business professionals extract, annotate and visually uncover insights from vast amounts of information quickly and easily through a web browser; and industry-specific solutions for the finance, risk management and media and entertainment sectors that help clients get started with analysis of large volumes of information.

Building on its commitment to open source projects such as Linux, Java, Eclipse and Apache, IBM is working with leaders in the Big Data community Cloudera and Karmasphere to expand and develop the use of Apache Hadoop for enterprises.

For more information on InfoSphere BigInsights, click here.