IBM Points Watson AI at Specific Industries

IBM announced a series of new, industry-specific, machine-readable data sets designed to expedite AI training workflows. The first kits will serve the travel, transportation and food Industries, with more to follow.

IBM Watson Data Kits are designed to accelerate the development of AI applications to help support faster, more informed decision making. Watson Data Kits will provide companies across industries with pre-enriched, machine readable, industry-specific data that can enable them to scale AI across their business. With expected availability in Q2 2018, the kits will initially serve the travel and transportation and food industries with Watson Data Kits for travel points of interest and food menus, respectively.

IBM Watson Data Kits provide “the machine-readable, pre-trained data companies require to accelerate AI development and lead to a faster time to insight and value,” said Kristen Lauria, general manager of Watson Media and Content. “Data is hard, but Watson can make it easier for stakeholders at every level, from CIOs to data scientists."

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