IBM Puts Containers on z

IBM intends to make Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) available for Linux on IBM z Systems, LinuxONE, and Power Systems. Docker EE, a new version of Docker’s container management platform, is designed to give developers and systems administrators a streamlined approach to building, running and operating applications at scale.

Docker EE for IBM’s servers provides organizations with the option of developing and deploying applications across their hybrid cloud infrastructure that combines public and private cloud resources. LinuxONE, z Systems, and Power Systems handle business-critical applications running on private clouds. The solution is “integrated, certified, and supported to provide organizations with the most secure container platform for running business-critical applications in production at scale,” said Roger Egan, senior vice president of sales for Docker. “Availability for z Systems, LinuxONE and Power Systems helps cover the entire software supply chain by including the systems often at the heart of an organization’s IT infrastructure.”

The offering pairs Docker EE with IBM’s enterprise servers. LinuxONE and z Systems can support up to a million Docker containers on a single system. These systems also have high levels of security and feature advanced cryptographic accelerators built into the hardware to encrypt data. Power Systems can help deliver faster throughput for advanced analytics and reduced latency for more responsive apps running in containers.

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