IBM Releases IBM Concert to Help Enterprises Manage Applications Across Environments

IBM is unveiling IBM Concert, providing generative AI driven insights for applications and putting site reliability engineers (SREs) and developers in control of simplifying and optimizing their operations across any environment. IBM Concert is now generally available.

IBM Concert offers a detailed view of applications and environments and so users can apply generative AI to get insights on how to optimize their applications. 

Powered by IBM watsonx, IBM Concert seamlessly connects with all existing environments and toolsets. It helps conduct real-time data and dependency mapping to see operational challenges, understand root causes, anticipate issues, and proactively address the problems with recommended actions and automation.

It helps customers discover gaps, prioritize insights, and instrument changes to make the business more resilient, cost-effective, and better performing.

The initial focus for IBM Concert is around risk, supporting use cases like application risk management and application compliance management.

According to IBM, the company’s vision for IBM Concert’s AI-driven capabilities is extensive and ambitious—with plans to expand to risk-related use cases with cost management and other critical concerns for application owners. 

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