IBM Releases New Bluemix Service for Graph Databases

Helping to address complex analysis problems, IBM has announced the general availability of IBM Graph, a Bluemix service that allows users to set up graph databases in the cloud. Previously offered in beta earlier this year, the release was made public in an IBM developerWorks blog by Adrian Warman, documentation lead for IBM UK Application Platform Services, on behalf of the IBM graph team.

According to Warman, IBM Graph is an enterprise-grade IBM service is managed 24/7 with monitoring by systems and experts that allows users to store, query, and visualize data points, connections, and properties in a property graph, and supports the development of applications such as recommendation and fraud detection engines. 

Offering a property graph capability that lets users see details about data relationships more easily, Warman says the IBM Graph service enables the storing of data as vertices or nodes connected by edges, rather than the more traditional form of storing the data in tabular form using rows and columns, and also enables users to add and store properties in the form of key/value pairs associated with the data, for both vertices and edges. Developers have access to an API that can work on any platform, and be used by any application that can make HTTP requests.

Existing users currently on the beta or entry plan have a grace period until September 1, 2016, to upgrade to the Standard Plan and can make the transition using the dashboard, or using the Cloud Foundry command line. After that date, the company says the service will no longer support API calls made by users on the entry plan.

Documentation specific to IBM Graph is available here.