IBM Releases New Tool for Automate IMS Backup and Recovery

IBM announced a new storage-aware backup and recovery solution that integrates storage processor fast-replication facilities with IMS backup and recovery operations. The new tool, IBM says, enables instantaneous backups with no application downtime, reduce recovery time, and simplify disaster recovery procedures while using less CPU, I/O, and storage resources. The IMS Recovery Expert for z/OS V2.1 product is intended to make disaster recovery as simple as restarting from a power failure, while reducing the costs and complexity of backing up and recovering IMS assets.

IMS Recovery Expert, now being marketed and sold by IBM, was developed by Rocket Software. A primary capability of V2.1 is the ability to create a backup of an entire IMS environment instantaneously without affecting running applications, Ron Bisceglia, Rocket Software lead software developer on IMS Recovery Expert, tells 5 Minute Briefing. IMS Recovery Expert for z/OS V2.1 also integrates Intelligent Recovery and Disaster Recovery Managers that analyze recovery assets and establish optimal recovery procedures to minimize recovery time and recovery point objectives. "We have transformed traditional disaster recovery operations into a simplified disaster restart process," says Bisceglia. Marc Spooner, IMS Tools business partner relationship manager, adds, "We are excited about the new technology and resource savings customers will experience by utilizing one backup for multiple purposes, henceforth reducing storage and processing costs."

Recovery jobs are tailored specifically to available backup and hardware resources; and backups are validated to ensure that all data has a backup and that the backup is recoverable. IMS Recovery Expert integrates with the IBM IMS Recovery Solution Pack for z/OS for forward recovery processing, disaster recovery verification of assets, or disaster recovery health checking requirements.

An on-demand replay of the IBM teleconference, "Improve and Automate IMS Backup and Recovery using IMS Recovery Expert V2.1," featuring Bisceglia and Margaret Wilson, IMS Tools market manager, is available here.

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