IBM Releases Software Defined Networking Tools

IBM has launched new software intended to make it easier for organizations to pursue software defined networking (SDN) by setting up, managing and scaling virtual networks for faster delivery of cloud, analytics, mobile and social business services.

IBM Software Defined Network for Virtual Environments (SDN VE) is a virtual overlay network solution that automates and speeds the process of setting up such SDN networks. In addition, SDN VE enables network administrators to speed up traditionally time-consuming tasks such as network provisioning from days to hours.

“Our vision of the software defined environment is one of an intelligent data-driven ecosystem that is easily managed and scaled to meet ever-changing market demands,” says Dr. Inder Gopal, IBM vice president of system networking development. “The SDN VE is a solid, necessary step toward that future.”

IBM SDN VE is based on IBM’s DOVE (Distributed Overlay Virtual Ethernet) architecture, which automates network virtualization.

For more information, visit the IBM website.