IBM Rolls Out Blockchain Platform Starter Plan and Blockchain Consulting Services

IBM has launched three new consulting services offerings, as well as an IBM Blockchain Platform Starter Plan, a low-cost plan to help clients, developers, and startups to quickly develop, operate, and govern networks on the IBM Blockchain Platform. The offerings were announced in two IBM blog posts.

Based on its experience from projects spanning industries, including retail, banking and financial services, transportation, government, healthcare, media, supply chain and logistics, IBM Blockchain Services has developed methodologies and practice models to support a variety of organizations at different phases of the blockchain adoption journey, according to Jason Kelley, GM, Blockchain Services - Global Business Services, IBM.

Expertise includes establishment of a blockchain network, evolving to a multi-institution production network, and extending an established network to additional members and adding new applications.

The new IBM consulting services are aimed at providing guidance and technologies to further the adoption of blockchain.

Citing data from Gartner, Kelley noted that the business value of the distributed ledger technology is expected to grow to $176 billion by 2025 and to $3 trillion by 2030 by improving business efficiency.

The three services are: 

Blockchain Starter Services to help organizations get a grip on the key challenges and prioritize appropriate business use case for blockchain.

Blockchain Acceleration Services  which are aimed at commercializing networks and producing  tangible business outcomes by providing the governance and commercial models, systems integration, and process re-engineering to help industries deal with  business challenges.

Blockchain Innovation Services to provide the consulting and technical know-how to create new applications and business models on top of established networks, and also  to combine other advanced technologies such as AI, automation, IoT and cloud to further blockchain’s role in additional use cases and ecosystems.

IBM has also launched a new IBM Blockchain Platform Starter Plan, currently available in beta, according to Kathryn Harrison, director, Global Offering Management, IBM.

To help fuel adoption of the IBM Blockchain Platform, the new Starter Plan, provides access to development tools, tutorials, and a development environment to help users define their business network using The Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Composer. The Starter Plan aims to help developers to learn, build, and try out their blockchain network in an environment designed for development and testing. When ready to go into production, they can get the level of infrastructure and security your business requires by migrating to an Enterprise Plan. 

The IBM Blockchain Platform Starter Plan beta offering is now available only in the US-South and will be more widely available on release.

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