IBM Set to Launch IBM i System Subscription

IBM is launching a subscription model for IBM i, enabling clients to get their entire IT solution as-a-service for less than $55 per user per month at the IBM i P05 license level.

The IBM i System Subscription is designed to make planning easier for small and midsize clients. With consistency in annual payments over the term of the subscription, IT infrastructure planning becomes a lot simpler.

The IBM i System Subscription is a solution of the latest Power10 processor-based hardware, the Power S1014, with 57% more performance per core compared to Power S914, IBM i software, and services to support and assist in the operation of IBM i SMB clients’ environments.

Clients can choose 3-to-5-year initial subscription terms with renewal options of one or more years. Payment terms and price do not change over the duration of the subscription.

Clients can keep their business-critical workloads on-prem while still taking advantage of cloud-like economics.

And if new technology becomes available, at their next subscription users can upgrade to the latest and greatest, maintaining their investment for their most important applications, according to the company.

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