IBM SoftLayer Brings Bare Metal to the Cloud

SoftLayer, an IBM Company, has begun shipping new bare-metal servers that it says are deployed in under 30 minutes and billed by the hour. Hourly bare-metal servers provide the raw performance of physical servers with shorter commitments, making it easier than ever to deploy computing-intensive workloads on SoftLayer at will. The servers can stand alone or integrate with all other SoftLayer bare-metal, virtual, storage, and networking services.

“As businesses deploy more powerful workloads in the cloud, there is increased demand for performance with even shorter demand cycles,” said Marc Jones, CTO for SoftLayer. “Our new hourly bare-metal servers are designed to hit the sweet spot of how much power they need, how long they need it, at price points that make sense.”

The new hourly bare-metal servers are single tenant servers connecting directly to SoftLayer’s private global network. Customers may choose from four base configurations with CentOS, Red Hat, FreeBSD, or Ubuntu operating system installed. The base configuration is deployed within 30 minutes, after which the server may be further customized with additional OS or application installations.

Additional base configurations for hourly bare metal servers will be available in the coming months, the company said. The new hourly bare metal configurations are available immediately at SoftLayer’s global data centers in Dallas, San Jose, Washington D.C., London, Toronto, Amsterdam, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

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