IBM Storage Assurance Offers IBM Flash Grid Technology to Simplify Storage Management

IBM is introducing new storage capabilities that give clients choice and control in the data center to maximize performance.

A new IT life cycle management option called IBM Storage Assurance provides access to IBM FlashSystem hardware and software innovations to help protect clients' investments from day one. IBM Storage Assurance supports the new IBM FlashSystem 5300 also announced today, as well as the FlashSystem 7300 and FlashSystem 9500.

The IBM Storage Assurance program, which complements existing consumption models for IBM Storage as a Service and IBM Storage Utility, provides a path to simplifying the storage ownership experience with the expectation of extending the lifetime of clients' storage investments.

IBM's Storage Assurance model offers a modern approach to IT lifecycle management with a subscription that provides regular hardware and software upgrades plus premium-level Expert Care support to help keep storage infrastructure up to date while seeking to address downtime, disruptive migrations, and recurring purchases.

The new program is designed to minimize procurement obstacles and traditional storage lifecycle management challenges.

Key benefits for the IBM FlashSystem 5300, 7300, and 9500 include the ability to:

  • Leverage whole system refreshes with comprehensive updates across drives, controllers, software, etc.
  • Plan storage needs from day one with a cutting-edge all-NVMe FlashSystem portfolio designed for the most performance and data-intensive workloads supporting today's businesses.
  • Protect business, applications, and data with IBM's patented computational storage architecture enabled with hardware-accelerated and AI-augmented cyber threat detection.
  • Safeguard storage purchases with a subscription that includes performance and lifecycle-based hardware and software upgrades over flat and transparently priced 4- or 8-year terms.
  • Get access to the latest IBM FlashSystem innovations in hardware and software with technology designed for non-disruptive migrations.
  • Experience contract flexibility with the ability to receive a trade-in credit for out-of-cycle upgrades.
  • Access IBM's premium-level Expert Care support program, which is included with IBM Storage Assurance.

This new program is designed to help clients stay at the forefront of technological advances in IBM FlashSystem storage by providing an upgrade path to address end-of-support, capacity ceilings, and operating system requirements.

"IBM Storage Assurance challenges the status quo of enterprise storage with a program that delivers client focused guarantees, computational storage with AI-powered data services, and an all-inclusive software integration designed to address customers' most pressing problems, including a path for them to adopt future innovations from IBM," said Denis Kennelly, general manager of IBM Storage. "As organizations feel increased pressures to maximize financial resources, improve operational agility, adopt energy efficient solutions, and safeguard their data, we are delivering with our intelligent, and simple all-flash portfolio."

To further simplify storage management, optimize workload performance, and promote non-disruptive operations, IBM is also announcing IBM Flash Grid technology and Policy Based High Availability enhancements.

IBM Flash Grid allows clients to manage storage systems as a highly available and independently scalable environment, from a single control pane, with the ability to move workloads between FlashSystem devices.

In addition, IBM is announcing FlashSystem policy-based replication and high availability that is designed to provide easy-to-use, high-performance solutions for disaster recovery by enabling the system to automatically deploy and manage replication between two systems with minimal overhead, higher throughput, and lower latency.

In the second half of 2024, IBM intends to further enhance these features to support highly available storage with replication to a third system, to simplify the tasks associated with configuring, managing, and monitoring replication.

IBM FlashSystem provides enhanced data resilience with the recently announced IBM FlashCore Module 4's cyber threat detection capabilities. All these capabilities will be available for the new IBM FlashSystem 5300 also unveiled today.

Both IBM's Storage Assurance program and the IBM FlashSystem 5300 are now generally available. IBM Storage Assurance supports the new FlashSystem 5300, as well as FlashSystem 7300 and FlashSystem 9500.

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