IBM Targets Cloud Disaster Recovery with PureSystems Enhancements

IBM announced new enhancements to its PureSystems family of expert integrated systems. New capabilities enable organizations that are simplifying and accelerating cloud deployments using IBM PureApplication System to get disaster recovery services up and running in four clicks. Additional enhancements include increased security capabilities with advanced encryption options, greater system scalability and significantly reduced application response times during unplanned spikes in demand, and new support for Microsoft Windows applications.

With disaster recovery as part of an integrated system, organizations relying on PureApplication System to run their cloud environments can now eliminate many of the manual steps required to set up and manage multiple point solutions. For example, Pu Reapplication System transforms configuration for replication and failover, with near-zero data loss, from days to a four-click process on each of two systems – the backup and primary.

Additional enhancements to PureApplication System offer expanded software application support, greater security options and more system performance elasticity. Specific capabilities made possible by the open PureApplication System platform include support for a broader range of software applications, including Windows and Linux. The new release also includes application-specific blueprints that automate software installation and ongoing management, as well as greater performance elasticity to respond to usage spikes.

IBM launched its PureSystems family a year ago, and states that more than 4,000 of these systems have been sold. The system is designed to offer an alternative to current enterprise computing models by combining server, storage, network and platform middleware resources into a single system. The solution set includes IBM PureFlex System, IBM PureApplication System and IBM PureData System.

For more information on IBM PureSystems, visit the IBM PureSystems site.