IBM Teams With Twitter and Weather Company to Leverage Open Data

IBM is collaborating with Twitter and The Weather Company to help companies cut through the noise of unstructured data, turn streaming data into insights and change critical business outcomes across industries such as retail, insurance, and media & entertainment. The solution, IBM Insight Cloud Services, employs open data sets and business-owned data.

Insight Cloud Services is engineered to find the signals within complex data sets, connect them, and deliver insights that businesses can apply directly into their business applications and processes. It is designed to help enterprises achieve the benefits of cognitive technology as they learn from a variety of data sets and receives feedback from the outcomes that occur to help them to achieve more accurate outcomes. For example, an insurance company can make the most of data by alerting their customers to adverse weather conditions, potentially reducing claims and improving customer satisfaction.

IBM's Insight Cloud Services are built from a combination of technologies and resources from IBM's Analytics portfolio, and the IBM Cloud, technologies from IBM's partnership with The Weather Company, and a wide variety of Open Source software and Open Data sources.  This service has been tested and proven to support over 15 billion API calls per day with extremely low latency and high availability through replicated through global deployments. IBM has converged its fully compliant access to Twitter data, all of current and historical weather data from The Weather Company and over 150 open data sources to help improve client operations.  These initial services will be enhanced over time as more and more data sources are added and data scientists and engineers help address new and emerging client challenges.

IBM Insight Cloud Services are accessed in a variety of offerings, including IBM Insight APIs for Developers, which consists of four new APIs that developers can access from IBM Bluemix, IBM's cloud platform, to incorporate historical and forecasted weather data from The Weather Company into web and mobile apps, and new APIs that allow developers to incorporate Twitter content.

“The long-term value of data analytics for business has everything to do with how many connections we can make within sources of data, and how fast those connections are growing,” said Bob Picciano, senior vice president of IBM Analytics. “IBM is deploying advanced analytics to curate data in all its forms, finding innovative techniques to compute where data resides – in the cloud and increasingly at the edge of the network –and extending its leadership in cognitive computing to exploit a significant competitive advantage.”

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