IBM Tightens Collaboration with Docker Open Source Cloud Community

IBM is accelerating the adoption of open technologies for cloud computing, with the goal of assisting enterprises in integrating existing infrastructures into the cloud space. To this end, IBM said it is working on an open integration model with Docker, an open source platform for developers and systems administrators to build, ship, and run distributed applications, and the open source Docker project community. 

“The IT industry continues to rally behind a cloud built on open and community-driven technologies,” said IBM vice president of Open Technologies and Cloud Performance Angel Diaz. “IBM continues to firmly believe that the best means to truly drive wide-spread adoption and innovation of cloud computing is to ensure open technologies are at its core.”

IBM has taken steps to further integrate with Docker, including hosting Docker on SoftLayer to provide companies with greater ease of use and maintenance. IBM and Docker will ensure that customers have access to all relevant content from the Docker data repository (or Hub Registry), including compatible portions of the 14,000 Dockerized applications currently on the DockerHub Registry.

IBM will also offer a certified Docker image of the cloud optimized WebSphere Liberty Profile Application Server. In addition to the work IBM is involved in with Docker, IBM said it continues to work with foundations such as OpenStack, Cloud Foundry and others.

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