IBM Unveils IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh to Rein in Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

IBM announced the creation of IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh, a SaaS offering that is designed to enable enterprises to bring management to their hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure.

Driven by “Application-Centric Connectivity,” IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh is engineered to automate the process, management, and observability of application connectivity in and between public and private clouds to help modern enterprises operate their infrastructure across hybrid multi-cloud and heterogeneous environments, according to the company.

IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh unlocks the potential of hybrid and multi-cloud application deployment by creating a simple, secured, scalable, and seamless on-ramp for applications and services across heterogeneous environments.

When generally available later this year, IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh will also leverage the DNS traffic steering capabilities from NS1, an IBM Company, to find the best connection between clouds and end users and deliver applications that are optimized for performance, cost, and availability at every connection point.

Ahead of IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh’s generally available release date in the second half of 2023, IBM will offer clients the ability to engage with the offering via early access program.

The early access program will offer more information surrounding how IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh provides a unified approach to connectivity and can help accelerate their organization’s application deployment times and enhance end-user experience.

They will also learn how IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh is designed to help information technology (IT) teams gain control over the network while providing DevOps and CloudOps teams a unified experience and toolset to solve issues related to application performance, visibility, control and security.

By offering the service of connectivity via IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh, clients can help address the significant strain that infrastructure and operations teams can feel when deploying, managing, and securing their hybrid multi-cloud networks in an era with increasingly limited control and visibility.

IBM’s recent acquisition of NS1, a provider of network automation SaaS solutions that are designed to enable businesses to deliver content, services, and applications to millions of users while helping optimize performance, reliability, security, and cost, will also play in a role in helping IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh provide application-centric connectivity.

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