IBM Unveils IBM UniVerse 10.3

IBM has announced the release of IBM UniVerse 10.3, which delivers a powerful new development tool, mobile API support, numerous security enhancements, and consumability improvements for Web Services.

A major new feature of this release is the IBM U2 Basic Developer Toolkit (BDT). This graphical integrated development and debugging tool speeds developer productivity. UniVerse .NET developers can now leverage the UniObjects for .NET Compact Framework (UO.NET CF) to deliver secure downloadable applications on the Windows CD platform, including smart phones, PDAs and more.

UniVerse 10.3 automatic data encryption (ADE) now supports "wallets" to more easily manage multiple users and to automate activation for client/server interfaces. UniVerse ADE now supports importing and exporting keystore and metadata in order to ease configuration of high availability solutions. In addition to encrypting data at rest, UniVerse 10.3 extends the support for SSL to UniObjects for .NET, in order to encrypt transmitted data in this API and the client tools that use it. With the support of Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM) and LDAP, UniVerse 10.3 clients can be authenticated from a central repository, allowing users to remember fewer IDs and passwords and making life easier for system administrators.

Additionally, with this release, U2 Web Services Developer now includes a deployment wizard to make it even easier to roll IBM's UniVerse-based web services out to users' production environments. To learn more, email IBM. IBM's full product announcement is available here.