IBM Updates Mainframe Database

IBM has announced an upgraded version of DB2 for the mainframe, which the vendor says features increased capabilities in system availability, scalability, security, and reliability at a lower cost per transaction.

IBM says DB2 10 for z/OS offers substantial improvements over its predecessor, DB2 9, in terms of performance and scalability. The company says version 10 delivers the ability to support up to five to 10 times more concurrent active users in a single DB2 subsystem than in DB2 9, enabling customers to scale-up or scale-out more simply, and with less system management. Schema evolution or data definition on demand as well as query performance manageability enhancements support improved availability and performance manageability.

IBM also says that its internal testing and early beta customer results show that customers can achieve DB2 CPU savings of up to 5% to 10% for traditional workloads and up to 20% for specific workloads when compared to running the same workloads on DB2 9. DB2 reduces its CPU usage by optimizing processor times and memory access, leveraging the latest processor improvements, larger amounts of memory, and z/OS enhancements.

In addition, SQL and pureXML enhancements in DB2 10 help extend usability, improve performance, and ease application portability to DB2 for z/OS. For more details, go here.