IBM and AWS’ Collaboration Flourishes with Latest Joint Offerings for Ecosystem Partners and Clients

IBM, as part of its continued efforts toward prioritizing its ecosystem partners, is announcing new SaaS offerings, consulting capabilities, and expanded mainframe application modernization in collaboration with AWS to enhance the experiences of both partner and client alike. Dedicated to adapting to the evolving needs of modern industry, IBM and AWS continue to collaborate to provide solutions focused on being essential in—and supportive of—their partners’ business endeavors.

“Today’s clients demand more specialized solutions and services—faster, more efficient, and tailored to their preferred ways of engaging,” said Kate Woolley, general manager for IBM Ecosystem. “We know those needs can’t be fulfilled by one vendor alone, which makes the role of partnerships essential to delivering the kind of innovation clients require to succeed in today’s IT environment. This reality inspired IBM to double down on our ecosystem and work more closely with partners to help us meet each client where they are on their modernization journey.”

Building from their previously announced initiative towards reselling IBM software on the AWS Marketplace, IBM and AWS are launching a series of services, including IBM Envizi ESG Suite, IBM Planning Analytics with Watson (beta), IBM Content Services, and IBM App Connect Enterprise running SaaS on AWS, to enhance performance, efficiency, and user experience. Targeting enhanced data, planning, and analytics for a variety of industry use cases, these additions are available today in the U.S., with expected expanded availability in the next year.

This announcement also highlights the new IBM Consulting Platform Services Offering, providing better business outcomes of clients’ enterprise applications in AWS environments through AI and automation. The service aims to lower costs, increase resiliency, accelerate problem resolution, and make operations smarter throughout clients’ migration and modernization journeys, while simultaneously laying the groundwork for IBM and AWS’s AIOps and observability software options expected in 2023.

“The new IBM Consulting Platform Services offering is designed to enable better outcomes for our clients’ enterprise applications in AWS environments,” continued Woolley. “By simplifying and overseeing the IT landscape, this new joint solution increases application reliability and automates issue resolution quickly, while optimizing costs that drive client and brand satisfaction.”

In an effort to expand mainframe application modernization support, IBM zSystems clients will benefit from the IBM Z and Cloud Modernization Stack being now available through the AWS Marketplace. Clients will be able to modernize applications more efficiently, while reducing cost expenditures as part of a hybrid cloud strategy.

“By integrating the mainframe with AWS, we are providing a digital platform to support our mutual clients’ business transformation initiatives. With IBM zSystems, clients can take advantage of a cost-efficient, ultra-high resilience, and secure transaction environment that is scalable, while leveraging the breadth of the cloud services AWS has to offer,” explained Woolley.

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