IBM and AWS Partner to Launch a New Cloud Database Offering

IBM announced that it has been working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) on the general availability of Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) for Db2, a fully managed cloud offering designed to make it easier for database customers to manage data for artificial intelligence (AI) workloads across hybrid cloud environments.

Amazon RDS for Db2 customers now have the option to modernize on premises, on AWS, or to deploy a hybrid cloud architecture, to optimize AI workloads.

For customers moving to AWS, Amazon RDS for Db2 can help them to migrate their existing, self-managed Db2 databases to the cloud—helping to automate time consuming database administrative tasks such as provisioning, backups, software patching, and monitoring.

"Digital transformation is a strategic imperative for nearly every one of our clients. By working with AWS to bring Db2 to Amazon RDS, we're helping companies prepare for the next generation of applications, analytics, and AI workloads that will power the modern economy," said Dinesh Nirmal, senior vice president of products, IBM Software. "IBM and AWS are redefining the possibilities of cloud database innovation, removing the complexity of modernization and empowering organizations to realize the full

According to the companies, Amazon RDS for Db2 combines the operational expertise and ease of use of Amazon RDS to automate database administration with IBM Db2's decades of experience running mission critical workloads for some of the largest banks, supply chain operations, and retail/e-commerce businesses in the world.

As Amazon RDS for Db2 customers accelerate their modernization and AI initiatives, they will be able to leverage an array of IBM's integrated data and AI capabilities on AWS to manage data and scale AI workloads.

This includes IBM's entire portfolio of commercial databases, data fabric solutions, and watsonx data, AI, and select AI governance capabilities—all of which can help customers build, scale, and run the next generation of trusted AI applications.

Amazon RDS for Db2 customers will now be able to unify, transform and share transactional data for AI, using Amazon RDS for Db2's native integrations with Db2 Warehouse and open data lakehouse on AWS.

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