IBM and Palantir Partner to Help Businesses Deploy AI Applications and Unlock Valuable Data Across Hybrid Cloud Environments

IBM and Palantir Technologies have announced a new partnership consisting of IBM's hybrid cloud data platform designed to deliver AI for business, with Palantir's next-generation operations platform for building applications.

The goal is to simplify how businesses build and deploy AI-infused applications with IBM Watson and help users access, analyze, and take action on the vast amounts of data that is scattered across hybrid cloud environments—without the need for deep technical skills.  A new product as a result of the partnership, Palantir for IBM Cloud Pak for Data, is planned for general availability in March of 2021 and is designed to help businesses in retail, financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, and telecommunications use AI to make more informed business decisions and automate outcomes.

As part of the partnership, Palantir is adopting Red Hat OpenShift, allowing it to run anywhere in the hybrid cloud.

Almost 75% of businesses surveyed in an IBM sponsored report say they are exploring or implementing AI. However, 37% cited limited AI expertise and 31% noted increasing data complexities and silos as barriers to successful adoption.

To help address the challenges related to implementing AI, the new product will leverage Palantir Foundry and will integrate with IBM Cloud Pak for Data services, such as Watson, providing an information architecture that includes data and AI with built-in governance. It is designed to provide an easy to use "no-code/low-code" environment for building applications that use AI to inform data-driven decision making and automate tasks and processes. 

The offering is planned for businesses in industries managing vast amounts of data where AI-infused applications can drive more informed business decisions and automate outcomes. This includes businesses in retail, financial services, manufacturing, healthcare and telecommunications. 

Built on Red Hat OpenShift, Palantir for IBM Cloud Pak for Data is intended to help businesses reduce data silos, integrate data sources across hybrid cloud environments, and govern data throughout the AI lifecycle. The product is being designed to help users securely build and deploy AI applications with that data quickly, to rapidly complement and extend existing enterprise systems and accelerate their digital transformation.  

In addition to providing clients with the technology they need, together IBM and Palantir have the combined expertise and data science skills to help businesses scale AI. Working with the IBM Data Science and AI Elite Team, organizations across industries can tackle data science use cases and overcome the challenges of AI adoption.

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