IBM and Sybase Launch New mCommerce Appliance Targeted at Fnancial Institutions, Mobile Operators and Enterprises

Representing a continuation of a long-running partnership between the two companies, IBM and Sybase have introduced a new workload-optimized server appliance aimed at financial institutions, mobile operators and enterprises called the IBM mCommerce Appliance Solution.

The hardware and software appliance features IBM POWER7-based Power 750 servers running IBM DB2 information management software and IBM WebSphere software application server, IBM System Storage DS5300 and the Sybase mCommerce 365 solution.

Specifically, the appliance is targeted at financial institutions and mobile operators but it is not limited to those customers or verticals, Charlie Chen, vice president of platform alliances, Sybase, tells 5 Minute Briefing. The IBM mCommerce Appliance Solution can help customers to run smart banking business applications from mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones powered by iOS, Blackberry and Android operating systems. The new appliance is designed to enable rapid global deployment of mobile commerce capabilities - including mBanking, mPayments and mRemmitance - in both developed and emerging markets

According to Chen, the new appliance is the first of its kind. "What doesn't exist today is a fully configured solution that includes both the software and the hardware platform. There is a significant benefit to customers in the ease of ordering a solution like this and the ease of receiving integrated support for the solution. It allows for rapid deployments because all of the pieces of the stack are preconfigured and pretested," he says.

Citing industry estimates that there will be more than 340 million mobile payment users worldwide resulting in $245 billion in mobile transactions by the year 2014, Chen says, "What we are addressing here is a very high-growth market opportunity."

The IBM/Sybase mCommerce Appliance Solution will be made available to customers on May 13. For more information, visit the IBM or Sybase websites.